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New Breed of Shoppers Races to Instagram to Buy Vintage Clothes - Bloomberg

If items dont sell quickly on Instagram, she moves them to her online store, which lives on peer-to-peer mobile marketplace Depop. All told,she nets$100 or more https://santangeloallye95.wordpress.com a week to supplement her day job, she said. Ivia Retr , an online shop started in late 2016 by 22-year-old Brooklyn student Olivia Capierseho,gets about two-thirds of its business from the accounts7,000 or so Instagram followers, https://longwordilan1979.wordpress.com rather than https://cassaratraunfeld89.wordpress.com from itsown website, she said. Her Instagram pagefeels a lot like a storebecause itrelies heavily on visuals and makes discovery easy by way of hashtags. Almost all of thefollowers are women from 18 to24, Capierseho said,andshe usually rakesin around $3,000 a month.Ive tried making a Facebook and Pinterest page, but Instagram is the best for shopping vintage fashion, she said. Its definitely a lot more popular than it was a year ago. NaNinVintage , meanwhile, is a full-fledged Instagram retail operation. In 2009, Kate Jennings, 33, began reselling clothes on Etsyas a side gig. She decided to switch careers andopen her own physical store in 2014, a little outpost on a https://dupaycaisyn1989.wordpress.com quiet street in Richmond, Va. Two years ago, she finally got on Instagram, and things really took off.

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